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Route 10 Atolls 2 Hemispheres Maldives

North Malé, Fulidhoo, Thinadhoo, Mulah, Fuvahmulah, Addu Atoll

  • Malé North
  • Malé South
  • Vaavu
  • Vattaru
  • Meemu
  • Thaa
  • Kalufalha Island
  • Laamu
  • Fushi Kandu
  • Maabahidoo Kandu
  • Huvadhoo
  • Viligili Kandu
  • Gemana Fushi
  • Mareha Kandu
  • Fuvahmulah
  • Addu Atoll

The route 10 Atolls, 2 Hemispheres Maldives is an unforgettable journey begins in North Malé Atoll (way down) or in Addu (way up).

1. Malé North.

The check dive will be done in this Atoll, close to the arrival point of our guests. This atoll has some incredible dive spots, as well: Lankan Paradise is a Manta cleaning station
active during West monsoon; Nassimo Thila and Banana Reef are colourful and much alive dive spots. Lately, we had special encounters with pelagic fish at Hulhumale wall.

2. Malé South.

Kuda Giri and Kandooma Thila are the highlights of this atoll. Kandooma Thila is inside the Marine Protect Area of Guraidhoo, full of life as Eagle Ray, Grey Reef Shark, White
Tip Shark, Tuna and huge Green Turtles. This underwater mountain is well known to be a cleaning station for Grey Reef Shark.

3. Vaavu.

Myaru Kandu and Devana Kandu are the most famous channel dives in this  atoll. Alimatha Jetty: this night dive is world famous for the presence of Nurse Sharks. Fotteyo Kandu: This shallow channel is famous for the outside wall, full of yellow soft coral pending from many different caves. Fushi Kandu and Golden Wall are two more worth exploring dive spots of this area.

4. Vattaru.

This is a very small atoll where we are going to make a dive, when the current meet our expectations.

5. Meemu.

Vanurah Vali Kandu: is a peculiar channel with a double edge that gives the chance to divers to cross the full channel and push all the sharks in one corner; we call this kind of
procedure “shark sandwich”. In this atoll we will dive at Kureli Manta Point: this is the one of the two manta points of our journey, so it’s a MUST! 

6. Thaa.

Olughiri Kandu is a big but very shallow channel, easy to explore entirely. Dyamigili Corner: a long reef full of turtles and white tip sharks.

Kalufalha Island: In the evening we put a big light at the stern of the boat to attract plankton, the favourite food of our special gentle giant, the Whale Shark.

7. Laamu.

Fushi Kandu and Maabahidoo Kandu: two famous channel dives around the same island, north and south side of Maabahidoo. Eagle Rays in formation, Silver Tip Sharks, Dogtooth Tuna, Jack Fish in big schools and Red Snappers: the perfect end for a perfect trip.

8. Huvadhoo.

There is the famous dive spots of Kooddo and Viligili Kandu, two of the most famous kandus of this area, where walls of Gray Reef Sharks are waiting to be encountered. Close to the island of Gemana Fushi, another hotspot for big schools of hammerhead sharks. Close by, there is an amazing dive spot called Mareha Kandu that is home to a big and elegant school of eagle rays and hundred green turtles. 

9. Fovhamulah.

Southern than Huvadhoo, if the ocean conditions are good, we can cross to the ultimate Maldivian dive destination: Fovhamulah. This atoll is made by only one island in the
middle of the Indian Ocean. Here, thanks to the oceanic current, we have great chances to meet Tiger Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks and Thresher Sharks. It is not uncommon to meet Oceanic Mantas Rays and Whale Sharks, too!

10. Addu.

The itinerary ends in the southern atoll of the Maldivian Archipelago, Addu Atoll, where, between January and April, it is possible to meet Reef Manta Rays getting a SPA treatment at one the cleaning stations. On the west side of this atoll is famous for the presence of II World War British Wreck, the British Royalty, which is a must in this area.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to experience the route 10 Atolls, 2 Hemispheres Maldives in 12 nights.

Route 10 Atolls 2 Hemispheres Maldives : the map

Zoom in on the map and find the best dive spots on this route

How to enjoy this itinerary

Love, care and professionalism

The Route 10 Atolls 2 Hemispheres Maldives include 3 dives per day with 2 night dive during the week, (or 2 night dives during 10 nights or more trips). We always have, at least, 4 guides onboard. We aim to have a maximum of 6 divers per guide, but we usually try to make smaller groups, especially when our guests are not very experienced in the submerged environment. Some dives are relaxing and meditative, some others can be challenging for some of us due to the currents or the rough seas. 

 Our guides respect the seas and its conditions.

For us safety always comes first: we say it and we mean it!

The first dive happens in the early morning, when the sun comes up suddenly at about 6:00 am. We will wake you up with a big smile, some dry biscuits in the coffee area and the map of the dive spot ready on the screen. 

  • route 10 atolls 2 hemispheres maldives

The morning routine

route 10 atolls 2 hemispheres maldives

After the briefing, we will jump on the diving dhoni where we will assist you getting ready for the first dive of the day. The wake up call we like the most is the one that happens when our faces get in contact with the salt water: you are not dreaming, that’s your reality! 

The first dive culminates with a full and rich breakfast: eggs the way you like, jam, fruit juice, hazelnut cream, honey, pancakes, cakes, yogurt, fresh cut tropical fruit and vegetables. If you are a coffee lover, we can make you happy with our wide variety of mocktails. 

More than one hour of relaxation or a visit to a desert island are possible choices before the second dive, which will occur between 10:00 am and 11:30 am. 

It is already time for lunch. Our buffets usually satisfy all tastes: healthy and tasty are the right objective to describe our cuisine. 

Small moments of great emotion

Afternoon and beyond

route 10 atolls 2 hemispheres maldives

A little power nap on the sundeck, or the quiet of your cabin, is a mandatory step to recharge your batteries before the third dive of the day and the activities prepared for you by our crew during the evening.

You must be curious about the activities we organize during the week to fill your time with unforgettable memories: well, we look forward to them, too!  During the Route 10 Atolls 2 Hemispheres Maldives we usually organize happy hours onboard or at a paradisiac location during sunset. And marine biology lessons taught by one of our experts, a visit to a local island to explore the way locals live in the “land without land”. And a BBQ dinner on the beach with tasty food and music entertainment, fishing trip at sunset, karaoke or cinema night, and so much more…the limit is your creativity! 

Since dives are never enough for some of us, we offer hard core divers the opportunity to make extra dives, as a fourth dive of the day. Participation in the extra dive involves an extra cost which varies according to the number of participants.

What about the Route 10 Atolls 2 Hemispheres Maldives ?

Some important tips

During the trip, there will be few spots where we will try to attract the whale shark behind the boat with a powerful light during the night. If the gentle giant approaches our boat, we can give our guest the opportunity to exclusively swim with this amazing creatures. During the week, it will be possible to make a night dive (or more than one, if guests are willing to participate) on a nice coral pinnacle protected by the strong currents of the high Maldivian season.

Thanks to the many desert islands, we will make a barbecue and a nice sunset happy hour on the beach, in a very beautiful location: we just need to choose one! We are going to offer our guests the chance to visit an
authentic local island, inhabited by fisherman of the “country with no land”.

What about the Route 10 Atolls 2 Hemispheres Maldives ?

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