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Northern highlights

 From Northern Malé to Ari Atoll, experience the thrill of diving with pelagic predators, exploring shipwrecks, and encountering vibrant marine life.

Unique underwater experiences

3 dives per day. Up to 27 dives per 10-nights trip.

Safety and Professionalism

Safety first thanks to the vast experience of our instructors. Meet the crew or read the reviews.

Top-notch dive and non-dive services

Highest attention to dive quality and services.

Eco-friendly approach

We take care of the paradise we have had on loan. Our dream is to see our clients doing the same.

The Northern highlights Maldives liveaboard is for...

This diving safari cruise is for you if you are seeking adventure among stunning atolls, marine explorations, relaxation and fun.
If you’re a nature lover, foodie, and looking for a holiday that leaves you truly fulfilled and happy, then this is the perfect vacation for you. 

You’ll be filled with excitement as you witness unique underwater scenery and encounter the inhabitants of these magnificent seas, at different times of day and night.

Emotions to remember

Safely accompanied by 4 experienced guides, you can focus solely on fully living this underwater paradise. 

What is Northern highlights Maldives liveaboard? Imagine the colorful sunrise before the first dive of the day, the sunset over the ocean, the friendly crew, the relaxation on the stern deck with the sun on your skin, the carefully prepared meals and the familiar atmosphere.

Our dives are different and connect you with the ocean

Top Class Cruising is constantly focused on the quality of services. Over time, we’ve improved our itineraries and discovered new dive sites to offer ideal conditions with less crowding and ideal times to encounter a diverse range of marine life.  The way we make our dives is strategic and we will never stretch enough how much we value the respect towards the environment and the approach to the animals. 

All our clients are amazed by our night dives in the Northern highlights Maldives liveaboard. And the fact that there are always 4 guides, this reduces the ratio dive guides to guests, increasing safety and underwater experience. We offer courses with highly experienced instructors and  accompanied snorkeling twice a day for non-divers.

10 Nights

Join us on an award-winning journey aboard Sachika and Sunseeker, where pure excitement and sweet relaxation await. Discover untouched reefs, encounter majestic manta rays, and explore the wonders of Hanifaru Bay, a UNESCO site where hundreds of mantas gather each year.

Don’t miss this extraordinary 10-night dive cruise that promises unforgettable discoveries!

Details matter

  • Stylish boats
  • More space onboard
  • Air conditioned cabins
  • High quality meals
  • Din Adaptors
  • Finest selection of drink
  • We always find the best spots
  • Familiar atmosphere

What makes us different from our competitors is the way we live the ocean, particularly the attention we pay on the quality of the dives, combined with special moments organized to imprint positive memories that will remain forever.

All your needs are met onboard. You have a comfortable cabin to sleep in, meals are provided, and your tanks are filled so you can focus on diving. The crew takes care of everything so you can relax. So discover the Northern highlights Maldives liveaboard.

Northern highlights: the route

The Northern highlights Maldives liveaboard is an unforgettable journey begins in North Malé Atoll where you’ll have the chance to explore some of the most incredible dive spots next to the capital city. Dive into sites teeming with big pelagic predators and encounter the graceful manta rays at their cleaning stations. 

Lhaviyani Atoll – Sharks and Shipwreck Playground

Sailing towards Lhaviyani Atoll, brace yourself for exhilarating encounters with sharks and manta rays. Dive into a unique dive spot featuring not one, but two mesmerizing shipwrecks, creating a playground for divers seeking adventure beneath the waves.

Noonu Atoll – Untouched Coral Reefs and Pristine Lagoons

Noonu Atoll welcomes us with its untouched coral reefs and crystal-clear lagoons. Glide through the water alongside schools of fusiliers and catch glimpses of playful dolphins dancing on the surface. 

Raa Atoll – Wild Encounters with Manta Rays and Whale Sharks

Moving on to Raa Atoll, brace yourself for wild and incredible encounters with manta rays and the gentle giants of the ocean, the majestic whale sharks. 

Baa Atoll – Manta Ray Spectacle at Hanifaru Bay

Baa Atoll, known for its richness in marine biodiversity, presents the breathtaking Hanifaru Bay. Witness the spectacle of hundreds of manta rays gathering to feed, creating an unparalleled snorkeling experience. 

Rasdhoo Atoll – Deep Channels and Pelagic Fish

As we head towards Rasdhoo Atoll, prepare for dives in deep channels that harbor an abundance of pelagic fish. Encounter the mesmerizing marine creatures that roam these waters, adding another dimension of thrill to your dive expedition.

Back to Malé – Farewell to a Magical Journey

On the final day, we return to Malé, savoring the last unforgettable dives and exploring the capital during a two-hour tour.

This is in brief the Northern highlights Maldives liveaboard.

How to enjoy this itinerary

Love, care and professionalism

The route Northern highlights Maldives liveaboard 10 nights include 3 dives per day with 2 nights dive. We always have, at least, 4 guides onboard. We aim to have a maximum of 6 divers per guide, but we usually try to make smaller groups, especially when our guests are not very experienced in the submerged environment. Some dives are relaxing and meditative, some others can be challenging for some of us due to the currents or the rough seas. 

 Our guides respect the seas and its conditions. For us safety always comes first: we say it and we mean it!

The first dive happens in the early morning, when the sun comes up suddenly at about 6:00 am. We will wake you up with a big smile, some dry biscuits in the coffee area and the map of the dive spot ready on the screen. 

  • Northern highlights maldives liveaboard

The morning routine

route manta madness maldives - Northern highlights maldives liveaboard

After the briefing, we will jump on the diving dhoni where we will assist you getting ready for the first dive of the day. The wake up call we like the most is the one that happens when our faces get in contact with the salt water: you are not dreaming, that’s your reality! 

The first dive culminates with a full and rich breakfast: eggs the way you like, jam, fruit juice, hazelnut cream, honey, pancakes, cakes, yogurt, fresh cut tropical fruit and vegetables. If you are a coffee lover, we can make you happy with our wide variety of mocktails. 

⇒More than one hour of relaxation or a visit to a desert island are possible choices before the second dive, which will occur between 10:00 am and 11:30 am. 

It is already time for lunch. Our buffets usually satisfy all tastes: healthy and tasty are the right objective to describe our cuisine. 

Afternoon and beyond

Northern highliaghts maldives liveaboard

A little power nap on the sundeck, or the quiet of your cabin, is a mandatory step to recharge your batteries before the third dive of the day and the activities prepared for you by our crew during the evening.

You must be curious about the activities we organize during the Northern highlights Maldives liveaboard to fill your time with unforgettable memories: well, we look forward to them, too! We usually organize happy hours onboard or at a paradisiac location during sunset, marine biology lessons taught by one of our experts, a visit to a local island to explore the way locals live in the “land without land”, a BBQ dinner on the beach with tasty food and music entertainment, fishing trip at sunset, karaoke or cinema night, and so much more…the limit is your creativity! 

Since dives are never enough for some of us, we offer hard core divers the opportunity to make extra dives, as a fourth dive of the day. Participation in the extra dive involves an extra cost which varies according to the number of participants.

So what about Northern highlights Maldives liveaboard 10 nights?